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"The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships..." -Esther Perel

Serving Clients Located in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Colorado
Beautiful Girl

In individual counseling, we will work together to form a safe and collaborative therapeutic alliance to reveal ways to live your best life and thrive again.

Happy Couple
Couple and Family Counseling

In couple or family counseling, we will work together to help reveal patterns and cycles that get in the way of your healthy relationships and explore new ways to get the connection you want. 

Working on Laptop
or In Person

In telehealth therapy, get secure professional counseling from the comfort of your own home, or where ever you are.  With busy schedules, traffic and transportation challenges, this is a great option for many clients. Telehealth is available from a computer or smart phone. 

Young Couple
Grief & Loss Counseling

In grief counseling, we will  work together exploring how to cope with loss and work to create new meaning, insight, and purpose in life.  

Many of my clients are Asian American & BIPOC women and men and  who are looking for someone they can relate to, because finding a therapist of color isn't always easy! I support my clients with family issues, cultural/racial and religious differences, or general life stressors that prevent them from reaching their professional, personal, and relationship goals. We all deserve to find support we need.  


If life feels isolating, you feel too anxious and depressed and want to start thriving instead of just surviving--let's work together to better understand the root cause of these emotions so you can get back to enjoying life again. I use an eclectic approach that includes: attachment and systems theory, internal family systems, EMDR, somatic and neurobiology to create corrective experience with my clients. I can't wait to learn more about you!


What to Expect 

**Accepting New Clients In-Person or Virtual**

Request a free 15m phone or video consultation.  You will receive an email to complete your consent form.  At your appointment time just join the video session and we can discuss wheat kind of support you need and if my skill set would be a good fit.  Effective therapy begins with a strong therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. 

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